I have a great desire (дезайэ) to visit the Vatican City and that’s a wish I would like to fulfil. Vatican City is a comparatively(кәмпәративли) small area and I want to visit all the major(меджэ) places of this country

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What sports......? what sports do you like to play?
What languages ....? What languages are you learning and why?
what kind of music ....? What kind of music do you usually listen to?
What TV programmes....? what TV programmes are popular with your friends?

21. Can you ...?

describe symptoms when you feel ill
get medicine at a pharmacy

23. Can you remember three examples of Murphy' s Law in English ?

Murphy's Law. Murphy's First Law: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Murphy's Second Law: Nothing is as easy as it looks. Murphy's Third Law: Everything takes longer than you think it will.
22. Can you say what the best and worst things are about the town or city where you live?
The city of Almaty attracts attention with its beautiful nature and itself. From cozy cafes to unique museums, there are many places in Almaty to visit and spend time with loved ones. And the minus of Almaty is that people are always in a hurry and there are very big traffic jams.
24. What TV quiz shows are popular in your country?
Do you watch any of them? Why (not)?
In Kazakhstan, the program "Kizyk eknak" is a TV show that is watched by many viewers. Popular actors and singers will participate in this program. They win money by answering questions by ticking boxes. It's very fun, I look after myself often.
25. What do you usually have for breakfast at the weekend?
On weekend mornings, my mother would prepare bagels and various sweets for me. Currently, I live in a student house, so I cook myself a light breakfast. For example, eggs, coffee and sweets from the store.
26. Can you say two things you can do well, and two things you can't do (e.g.cook)?
I can make sweet desserts and cakes, I learned quickly from the Internet through my childhood curiosity. And I can play the Kazakh national song on the dombra. And the things I can't do are I can't cook soups and I can't ride a bike.
27. Can you talk about three plans you have for next month using "going to",and make three predictions?
28. Can you say 3 sentences using "something, anywhere and nobody" ?
29.What's your talent? Are you musical, artistic, sporty, or good with words? Would you like to apply for one of the shows?
I like to sing. But I haven't worked professionally, I can say that I'm a little shy. Now I want to learn to play the guitar and start singing covers online. I think it's too early for me to apply for shows. In the future, I would like to go to auditions and try my luck.
30. What are good things to do at different times of year where you live?
I live in Kyzylorda. In my city, you can go to swimming pools and entertainment centers during the summer. There are also various playgrounds for young people. In winter, there is very little snow in Kyzylorda, and even if there is no snow, the sun is frosty because of the strong wind. That is why there are few places to go in winter, for example, you can go to the ice rink.

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