I have a great desire (дезайэ) to visit the Vatican City and that’s a wish I would like to fulfil. Vatican City is a comparatively(кәмпәративли) small area and I want to visit all the major(меджэ) places of this country

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  1. My Wonderful Family

The text describes the child's family. He says that his father is a math teacher, his mother is a nurse, his brothers are smart, and his sister is nervous but kind. It is said that he lives with his grandmother and that she is a good cook, that he plays table tennis with his family on weekends, and that he loves his family.

  1. My name is John

In the text, a man named John describes his life. He says he is 19 years old and a college student and in his second year of college. He said that his favorite courses are geometry, French and history, but English is difficult for him. He said that four people live in the house where he lives, and they play football on weekends. He says that he misses his mother and brother.

  1. My Working Day

Дзиз текст дескрайбз уомәнз уан дей. Һөр уорк дей стартс вери орли. Фром мондей тө фрайдей ши гетс ап эт һалф паст срйй, тейкс э шоуер енді дринк э кәп оф кофий. Шй дзен рищез һөр студию эт ебаут файф оклок. Шй һаз э проуграмм «Гуд Морнинг Бритн». Афтәр уорк, шй гөуз шоппинг, енді митс уйзі френд. Дзен шй гөуз һом эт срйй оклок дзен припер диннер. Дзе һазпант камз һом эт һав паст файф.
Ин дзе ивниңг дзей уатщ ТВ төгезер, ши юджуали гөуз тө бед эт найн оклок. Экордиң тө һим, ши файндз һөр уорк вери интерестиңг.

  1. Yellowstone National Park

In the text, Lisa and her friends go to Yellowstone Park. Yellowstone National Park is the first national park in the United States. A place for visitors to the park who like eco-tourism. Lisa and her friends live in one of the park's many camps. They go to the geysers and bathe in the boiling river of Yellowstone.

  1. Our Vacation

  2. Preparing food

  3. The House

  4. A great summer vacation

  5. At school

  6. A terrible day

The text talks about why Martin missed his vacation. Martin has a nightmare and wakes up late the next morning. But that day was Martin's vacation in Spain. He then takes a taxi to the airport and arrives at the airport late because the traffic is very bad. His plane took off for Spain at 11.30, but Martin was late. Then he spoke to the airline, and they promised him a seat on the evening flight, and Martin went home to wait.

  1. TRAVEL essentials

The text tells about a traveling woman. She usually travels alone, but sometimes with her family. Traveling with her family is difficult for him because they always have a lot of bags. Her sister always takes a book and her husband a map before traveling. But when she travels alone, she takes a small suitcase. She puts her clothes and laptop there. She does not travel without a laptop.

  1. My last holiday

A five-day trip to Prague in the Czech Republic was his last vacation. He went to university there. He was staying with one of his old friends, not in a hotel. He visited the university, also went to the supermarket that was near his old house. He and his friends did some touristy things. From Petrin Hill there is a spectacular view of the city. Also walked across the historic Charles Bridge.

  1. Going to the Supermarket

  2. Healthy lifestyle

Health is very important in the life of every person. It depends on our lifestyle, products and habits. Food is a key element of our good health. Eating fast food with high calorie levels leads to diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and others. Fruits and vegetables are a natural source of vitamins. A person with bad habits runs the risk of getting a lot of diseases. Smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol shortens life and can cause cancer. If you want to live a long and healthy life, you should give up all your bad habits.

  1. Happiness

The main question in the text is "Do you know what makes you happy, or do you just think you do?". For most people, fun isn’t enough for real happiness. For example, most people think air pilots have jobs with clear purpose. But they spend a lot of time in boring hotels and airports. So pilots also need to find pleasure and purpose in their work and life. There are different ways we can find purpose in things.

  1. My Vacation

The text is about the difficulties faced by a man who wants to move to a farm in Italy. All his problems begin at Heathrow Airport. The plane arrives three hours late. He gets on the plane hungry. And on the plane, they give him cold, tasteless food that he cannot eat. When he arrives in Italy, he cannot find his rental car. But the receptionist will help him. He asks his brother, Alessandro, to deliver it. He agrees and they set off. The car is old and breaks down on the road. But Alessandro fixes it and they reach the farm in the middle of the night. A man opens the door and smiles, "Come in! We've been waiting for you." Those kind people eat together.

  1. My Favourite Animal

The text talks about the place of pets in human life. Everyone likes to spend time with their pets. Like humans, animals show their love through many gestures. Although most people know that there are several dangerous species of animals, they usually keep the most dangerous ones. And the author of the text likes dogs. His dog's name is Zozo. One of his favorite qualities in dogs is their loyalty to their master or companion. They share their warmth with us emotionally and physically as they are one of the most affectionate among all domestic animals.

  1. Letter to a Friend

  2. My family at home

  3. Alfred’s daily life

Alfred is an American boy. He lives in Los Angeles, California. He is eleven years old and has an older brother, David, and a younger sister, Emma. He gets up at 7:30. He washes, eats and goes to school. Alfred is a very good boy, so he helps his mother clean everything after dinner. His parents always kiss him before going to bed. Alfred is a very happy boy

  1. My New School Is Fantastic

Rita Nelson is fourteen years old. Her parents moved to another city this summer, so she changed schools. He likes his new school. Because all the students there are very friendly. In this school, classes start at 8:00. Today, Rita is ten minutes late to school, so the teacher wrote in her notebook. Rita is angry with him. Most of the students go to sports training here. They love sports

  1. My morning routine

  2. Cambridge University

Cambridge University is the oldest university after Oxford. The reason for the establishment of Cambridge University was a conflict between students and townspeople in Oxford, and one student was killed by a town dweller, that student was sentenced to death, then the students left Oxford in protest, and so Cambridge University was opened, where discipline was strict.

  1. Graffiti

At first, graffiti was common only in big cities, but today it can be found in any region or district. It can often be found on trains, walls, bridges and buildings. Some people see it as art, while others see it as vandalism. The word graffiti comes from the Greek word meaning "writing". Wall inscriptions have been around since ancient Rome. Modern graffiti appeared in the USA in the 1960s. At that time, it was a form of self-expression and political protest for young people.

  1. Valentine's Day

  2. Halloween

The text tells about the origin of Halloween. Halloween dates back to the ancient Celtic festival. 2,000 years ago, the Celts who lived in Ireland, Great Britain and northern France celebrated the New Year on November 1. The Celts believed that the ghosts of the dead return to earth on Halloween night. During the celebration, the Celts wore costumes made of animal heads and skins. In the second half of the 19th century, many immigrants came to America and made Halloween a popular holiday. Since then, on this holiday, Americans have dressed up in scary costumes and tried to look as ugly and scary as possible.

  1. The city where I live

  2. The pet store

  3. London

  4. Chicago

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